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1. What is artnet?

    artnet was founded in 1989 with the goal of serving the art market by improving the communication and transactions between all parties involved in the buying or selling of art. One of the ways in which artnet strives to achieve this goal is through the creation of price transparency, which allows the pricing of products to be known by both buyer and seller. Today artnet operates the largest database of art sales, and provides the art market with many products and services, such as artnet Auctions, artnet Price Database, and artnet Analytics.

    artnet has more than 120 employees in New York, Berlin, and London. Together with artnet Auctions, a product which was founded in 2008 as the first online auctions dedicated to art, artnet engages in all aspects of the art market.

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2. Why should I create an account with artnet?

    If you want to fully take advantage of our offering, we recommend creating an account with artnet so that you can:
    Receive personalized information based on the preferences you indicate when creating your account
    Buy and sell art online 24/7 with artnet Auctions. Register to bid or consign now!
    Value artworks and look for comparables for Fine Art, Design, and Decorative Art with the artnet Price Database and the artnet Market Alerts
    Access custom information on art performance with artnet Analytics Reports
    Be up-to-date on art events by receiving the artnet Newsletter, which includes all you need to know about the art market

3. What are the free services artnet offers?

4. How can I value a particular artwork?

    The unique and powerful artnet Price Database allows you to find comparables and get a clear overview of the global art market. With our extensive coverage you know:
    The price you should pay for an artwork
    The right time to buy and sell
    Up-to-date art market trends and prices
    The value of your artwork or collection

    For an in-depth analysis of your collection, artnet Analytics Reports might be very useful. Based on the Price Database data, the reports analyze the performance of the art market at various levels. Reports can be generated at the market sector level, the artist level, and specific artwork level, to provide index returns on the art market the same way one can follow the performance of publicly-traded companies with financial indices.

    Also consider subscribing to artnet Market Alerts to receive targeted emails informing you when your artists come up for sale at auction and galleries.

5. Can I be notified when artworks by a specific artist are for sale at auction or in galleries?

    Yes. With artnet Market Alerts, you are informed of all buying opportunities at galleries and auction, by email. It allows you to:
    Never miss an opportunity to buy art at auction or in galleries
    Be informed of upcoming events near you and for the collecting categories you follow
    Watch your artists, selected from over 250,000 international artists
    Get all you need to know in up to one daily email, directly in your inbox

6. I found an artwork for sale that I'm interested in. Whom should I contact to purchase the piece?

    If you found the artwork for sale on an artist page, or on the Gallery Network page, please contact the gallery who listed the work online. The contact information for any gallery can be found under the enlarged view of any of the artworks currently shown at that gallery. Click "Send Email" or call the phone number provided to contact the gallery directly.

    If you found the artwork on artnet Auctions, you can bid directly online or contact the auctions specialist indicated on the lot detail page by clicking “Contact the specialist.” If you’d like to acquire the lot, simply click “Bid Now” or, if available, click “Purchase Now.”

    Finally, if you still are unsure, you can always contact the artnet Customer Support team at or at +1-212-497-9700 to assist you.

7. I'd like to find potential buyers for an artwork I own. Where can I look?

    To consign an artwork with artnet Auctions to sell artworks through our online auctions platform, click here.

    If you are already a registered seller on artnet Auctions, simply log in to be directed to client services. If you are not yet a registered seller on artnet Auctions, click “join now,” and fill out the seller application. Your application will be reviewed, and a specialist will contact you as soon as possible in regards to your request.

    To consign an artwork with one of the gallery members listed in the Gallery Network, find the artist’s page by putting his or her name into the artnet search (in the header of the website). If any dealers are advertising an interest in purchasing works by this artist, they will be listed here under "Dealers Buying." Here is an example for Roy Lichtenstein: If none are listed there, look at the list of "Dealers Selling;" dealers who frequently sell works by a specific artist may also be interested in buying works by that same artist.

    If you are a dealer and want to publish your inventory on artnet, learn more about becoming a member of the Gallery Network.

    Also consider buying a banner advertisement across the top of that artist's page, or on the artnet search engine results page, for any specific name or phrase. To learn more about banner advertising, contact our client services.

8. I am an artist seeking representation. How can artnet help me?

    On artnet, you can contact any member gallery directly. To find their contact, click on the “Gallery Info” tab of any main Gallery Network page.

    Please be aware that not all galleries are looking to represent additional artists, and so you may not receive a response. For best results, only contact galleries for representation if they specialize in the category you are in, and if they mention on their site that they are looking for new artists.

    See galleries representing emerging artists on artnet.

9. How do I find out more about My Account, sign-up, billing information, technical issues, or the artnet Refund Policy?

    Visit the Value Added Tax FAQ for information on Value Added Tax or VAT ID.

    Visit the My Account FAQ for information about billing information, currency, JavaScript, passwords, and refunds.

If you have further questions, please email us at or call +1-212-497-9700.

Our customer support team is available as follows:

Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (EST)
+49 (0)30 20 91 78 0
Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–6 p.m. (CET)